Invent Yourself

Product Classes

Class 09: Electrical & Scientific Apparatus (sunglasses)
Class 12: Vehicles (bicycles)
Class 14: Jewelry (watches)
Class 16: Paper Goods & Printed Matter (journals, pens & pencils)
Class 18: Leather Goods (luggage)
Class 21: Housewares & Glass (coffee cups, dinnerware, glassware & plates)
Class 25: Clothing (flight jackets & hats)
Class 28: Toys & Sporting Goods (Wright Flyer III model)

Wright Brothers Watch

Class 14
Since the early days of aviation there was the need for accurate timepieces to monitor fuel consumption and schedules. The Wright Brothers aviator watch is a featured product representing Class 14, Jewelry.

Wright Brothers Bomber Jacket

We alone can be the masters of our own images, in this case with a little help from the world’s first celebrities.


Class 12
With the Wright brothers using the backroom of their bicycle shop for many of their aviation-related experiments, it is a natural to continue that legacy offering a line of The Wright Brothers bicycles representing Class 12, Vehicles.

Bomber Trenchcoat

The Wright Brothers legacy and trademark evoke the notion in all of us that we each have the power to “Invent Ourselves.”

Flight Sunglasses

Class 9
The aviator style of sunglasses has long been a fashion favorite within the industry. The Wright Brothers brand sunglasses are a perfect balance between the quality optics, materials and craftsmanship within this Class 9 product category.

Invent Yourself
Wright Brothers Luggage

Class 18
Airplane innovations developed quickly, and a new aviation industry, commercial passenger flights, soon followed. The Wright Brothers collection of travel bags, encompassing Class 18, Leather Goods, captures that same spirit today.

Female in Bomber Jacket

Demonstrate your affinity for timeless class and elegance.

Journal and Writing Pen

Class 16
The Wright brothers were known for their meticulous journals. To honor this tradition, The Wright Brothers line of fine writing journals and pens are a logical extension of the brand representing Class 16, Paper Goods and Printed Matter.

Bomber Coat and Top hats

Class 25
Class 25, Clothing, is the flagship of The Wright Brothers brand of fashion products encompassing a variety of aviation-inspired apparel and accessory products including flight jackets to the Wright brothers’ iconic bowler hats.

Plates and Tea Service

Class 21
The timeless styling of The Wright Brothers brand accents the evening dinner party well on these dinnerware items within the Class 21, Housewares & Glass, line of products.

Toys airplane models

Class 28
The Wright Brothers brand of educational items like this historically accurate and expertly crafted modelof the Wright Flyer encompass the line of products in Class 28, Toys and Sporting Goods.