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Licensing Opportunities

Please help preserve Hawthorn Hill, the Wright family home, and promote the legacy of the Wright brothers while supporting various aviation heritage causes worldwide.

Case studies

Bremont Watch Company’s Limited Edition Wright Flyer
Shinola Detroit Limited Edition Wright Brothers watch and bicycle

Inquiries regarding merchandise licensing, manufacturing or investing are welcome. Please send an e-mail to Additional contact information is within the Contact Us tab.
The core of The Wright Brothers product offering is aviation-related merchandise including:

Class 09 (Electrical & Scientific Apparatus—sunglasses);
Class 12 (Vehicles—bicycles);
Class 14 (Jewelry)—watches);
Class 16 (Paper Goods & Printed Matter—pens & pencils, writing journals, etc.);
Class 18 (Leather Goods—luggage, tote bags, etc.);
Class 21 (Housewares & Glass—dinnerware);
Class 25 (Clothing—bowler hats, flight jackets, etc.); and
Class 28 (Toys & Sporting Goods—flying machine replica).

Distribution channels are currently in North America and Asia. We are looking at expansion opportunities in both of these territories in addition to new geographic regions.

We welcome inquiries from investors to help make The Wright Brothers luxury brand take flight.