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The Bremont Watch Company’s story behind the Limited Edition Wright Flyer

14 October 15

The Wright Brothers USA, LLC
Bremont Watch Company
Case Study

In April 2014, the owners of the Bremont Watch Co. of the U.K. contacted us via a mutual friend. Bremont is an up and coming luxury watch brand that seeks to restore British leadership in watchmaking. The clock was, after all, invented in England!

Bremont was founded and is led by two brothers (how about that irony!), Nick and Giles English. Both are pilots who have nurtured from childhood an affinity with the Wright brothers. And their trials and tribulations with flight also mirror the Wrights’ early days, with both English brothers having suffered challenging injuries in experimental and recreational flying.

Their long-held rapport with the story of the Wright brothers led them to contact us about creating a limited edition watch that would be the fourth in their series of timepieces that commemorate important milestones in history, particularly in military or aviation history. Not only do the watches celebrate history but they also contain a piece of it. The first offering of Bremont in the series was the Victory, a watch that included a piece of the original wood decking of the Victory ship. After those sold out easily, the brothers then moved on to their second and third watches in the series, the P-51 and Enigma, the former partially made from metal derived from an actual P-51 fighter plane from WWII, and the latter containing a chard of paper from the Enigma machine that helped break the German codes in WWII.

When the brothers caught wind that the Wright family still had remnants of the original wing cloth of the 1903 Wright Flyer, the world’s first airplane, they immediately thought, “Bingo! This is the motherlode of historical items suitable for their watch series.”

After much consideration, and some persuasion of our part with regard to the value of partnering with Bremont, the Wright family agreed to offer a small sheet of the remaining wing cloth. The English brothers could not believe their luck!

The result, the Limited Edition Wright Flyer, is a watch that has taken its rightful place among the pantheon of history’s most valuable and meaningful timepieces. Luxurious to the hilt, and packaged accordingly, the watches helped catapult Bremont to the top of the class of luxury watchmakers worldwide. It has gained global publicity, which has been a real boost for The Wright Brothers brand as well. Bremont produced 50 white gold versions of the Limited Edition Wright Flyer that sold for US$45,000 each; 50 rose gold ones for $35,000 each, and 350 stainless steel ones that are selling for around $25,000 each. The watches are nearly sold out, to the delight of collectors round the globe.

This case study points to yet another hugely successful example of how a world-class brand partnered with The Wright Brothers brand to create an item of immense value.