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To create revenue streams for The Wright Brothers Family Foundation in Dayton, Ohio, USA—via the licensing and marketing of The Wright Brothers trademark worldwide—in support of the Foundation’s mission to preserve, protect and promote the legacy of the Wright brothers.


A top global brand that contributes to the prosperity of the Dayton, Ohio region by extension of our support of The Wright Brothers Family Foundation and its mission to promote tourism based on the hometown legacy of the Wright brothers.

The Wright Brothers USA

In 2011, The Wright Brothers Family Foundation, based in Dayton, OH, contracted with VMA Trademark Licensing (also of Dayton) to manage The Wright Brothers trademark worldwide. It marked the first time the foundation had commissioned an agency to create, develop and build a brand around commercial products and services bearing the brothers’ famous name. In 2013, the name of the agency was changed to The Wright Brothers USA, to emphasize the dedication solely to this one trademark on behalf of the Wright family.

The immediate focus is on products related to aviation, such as flight jackets, aviator watches and sunglasses, luggage and leather travel bags, and the like. Products will initially be higher end so as to build an air of exclusivity around the brand with a longer view of protecting the integrity of the historical nature of the Wright brothers’ name.

Now, for the first time, the first name in aviation will be seen as the first name in high-fashion aviation-related products!

A large portion of the royalties generated by the business go toward The Wright Brothers Family Foundation, whose focus is on preservation of Hawthorn Hill, the Wright family home in the Oakwood suburb of Dayton, and on promoting the hometown legacy of the Wright brothers while supporting various aviation heritage causes worldwide.