Invent Yourself
Illustration of model wearing Wright Brothers fligth jacket

We alone can be the masters of our own images, in this case with a little help from the world’s first celebrities.

Wright Brothers luggage and travel bag

Airplane innovations developed quickly, and a new aviation industry, commercial passenger flights, soon followed. The Wright Brothers collection of travel bags, encompassing Class 18, Leather Goods, captures that same spirit today.

Wright Brothers leather journals and fine writing pens

The Wright brothers were known for their meticulous journals. To honor this tradition, The Wright Brothers line of finewriting journals and pens are a logical extension of the brand representing Class 16, Paper Goods and Printed Matter.

Illustration of female model wearing leather flight jacket with shearling collar

Demonstrate your affinity for timeless class and elegance.

Wright Brothers watch timepiece

Since the early days of aviation there was the need for accurate timepieces to monitor fuel consumption and schedules. The Wright Brothers aviator watch is a featured product representing Class 14, Jewelry.

A large portion of our funds go to The Wright Brothers Family Foundation, a non-profit organization, to support the preservation of aviation history related to Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors and builders of the first successful airplane.